The time of fixed smile portraits is long gone

Portraits create memories to cherish.

Use my studio, use your home as a studio, use the world outside as your playground. If you live in Dumfries and Galloway then you have a wonderful backdrop for your portraits.

I shoot whatever works for you, what represents you best. Ask yourself the question , what do we want to remember in 20 years ?

My subjects are diverse! Flick through the gallery and you will find; family members , corporate portraits, ghosts, handsome hounds, lusty lickers a prize winning chicken and a lamb called Kevin .

If you care for it then it is worth the memory and the notion of saying " never work with children and animals " does not apply to photography . Scroll through the images and if you want to know how you can have a bespoke portrait scroll to the bottom .

It begins with a free discussion in your home.

We build an idea of what you want and work together to achieve it ..

Individual portrait sessions last from 2-4 hours , they begin at £50 for which you will get one A3 hand printed picture, but you can have as many hand-printed ( for you to mount and have framed locally ) or professionally printed and framed pictures as you like.

Prices start at £10 for a hand-printed A4 £25 for A3 but the options through Loxley Colour our printer of choice are almost infinite. Canvas, or Aluminum printed images, whatever suits your walls and needs.

Please use the contact page to book an appointment , I'd love to discuss your ideas.

What others say

"I had another absolutely amazing shoot with Steve which gave me a total confidence boost as he always does! Steve is such a kind hearted person and always makes me feel so welcome on a shoot. He is a total professional and a perfectionist which in his case is very much a compliment, he is extremely versatile and has a variety of areas to shoot near his home including his own studio which was lovely - and warm! ! Thanks again  Steve - I love shooting with you"

" Steve’s beautiful photographs speak for themselves.”

"I had a local shoot with Steve and it was fabulous - he was organised, very lovely and chatty, and was clear in his ideas. "

"He created a very relaxed professional and creative environment. His knowledge and good manners made the shooting very easy and straight forward. "

"After a good few weeks of planning I finally shot with Steve yesterday and it was great! Steve's comms were excellent, I was kept informed and updated at all stages"

"I'm so happy with the results . Would definitely recommend Steve!"

"I would recommend Steve 110% He is a fantastic photographer and a great person to work with,"

"I would certainly recommend Steve as a brilliant photographer who has a passion for his art!

""He is accommodating, easy to talk to and passionate about the art "

"We had a very productive day"

"His ideas are endless and we always end up having a very productive shoot, well...when we stop chatting that is (lol). This shoot was most certainly a productive one and Steve has produced the most beautiful images! I would recommend Steve to anyone as it is a truly rewarding experience!"

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